CAD Plotters

The HP DesignJet series of printers has been the benchmark for large format printing devices for over 25 years. As a partner we offer a full range of DesignJet printers so whether you are looking to print maps, technical drawings or renders in A1 or A0 we have a printer with the right combination of speed, quality and features for your business. Please Contact us for more info.

designjet t120
HP DesignJet T120
designjet t520 24in
HP DesignJet T520
designjet t520 36in
HP DesignJet T520
designjet t730
HP DesignJet T730
designjet t795
HP DesignJet T795 ePrinter
designjet T930
HP DesignJet T930
designjet t830
HP DesignJet T830


designjet t2530
HP DesignJet T2530